Canada National Saint Kateri Shrine

Pastor Corner

Father Vincent Esprit, fmi

Father Esprit is a Roman Catholic Priest and a member of the Congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate. He studied at the Centre Sèvres - Facultés jésuites in Paris and and the University of Montreal. He is Pastor of the Saint Francis-Xavier Mission since 2012.

May 9, 2021 – 6th Sunday of Easter

Love as Jesus Loves

Today, Holy Mother Church leads us into Jesus’ commandment of love. Jesus’ love is different from what the world offers. The world offers a love that is most times based upon what we can receive from the other. Jesus’ commandment to love, is founded on two aspects; love that originates from him and secondly, to love one another. Jesus chooses us and not the reverse. He chose us so that we can abide in His love.  He wants us to love one another just as he loves us. Jesus has restored our dignity in the Holy Trinity. He no longer calls us servants. He now calls us friends. However, we have a responsibility and commitment to maintain this gift of His love. He says, “ You are my friends if you do what I commanded you.” What is this commandment of which Jesus speaks, so convincingly: that we abide in his love; just as he abides in the love of the Father, and secondly, we spread this divine love to others. Since no human can approach the Heavenly Father, Jesus allows us to approach the Father only through himself - Jesus. It is only then that we can bear fruits that will last. Amen.