Canada National Saint Kateri Shrine

Pastor Corner

Father Vincent Esprit, fmi

Father Esprit is a Roman Catholic Priest and a member of the Congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate. He studied at the Centre Sèvres - Facultés jésuites in Paris and and the University of Montreal. He is Pastor of the Saint Francis-Xavier Mission since 2012.

March 7, 2021 – Third Sunday of Lent – Year B

Ten Commandments: Sign of God’s Love

On this the third Sunday of Lent, the Church leads us into the ten commandments of the Trinitarian God. In life we need laws and guidelines. If we were to drive across the Mercier bridge with no side railings, how many of us would be brave enough to drive across? The protected railings give us comfort and security for the journey across the bridge. Well, today Jesus gives us the ten commandments to guide and protect us as we make our pilgrim way across the Bridge of Life. Without these protected laws, we would be gullible to Satan and his angels on earth. In the Gospel of John, the people are asking Jesus for a sign. He casts out the money changers form the Temple. The Temple was becoming a marketplace and not the place of prayer. The Jews are asking Jesus for a sign to prove he had the authority to purify the temple. When he gave them the sign, which was that in three days his body would have been resurrected, they still did not understand. We thank Saint Kateri Tekakwitha for making our Church a house of prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.