Canada National Saint Kateri Shrine

The Shrine Gift Shop 

The Gift Shop is open from Monday to Wednesday, until 3;00 pm, one person only at a time, mask obligatory and sanitization of hands. Entrance is via the back door. This door is permanently closed so ring the bell. Non-residents can be allowed but they have to call ahead.


The Gift shop features a variety of Kateri products: including statues, prayer cards, rosaries, candles, pictures, relic medals, books on her life. Products include videos on her life and her canonization celebrations in Rome in 2012 and Kateri’s oil, made in Kahnawake in a special ceremony at her tomb.
Other items made exclusively by Kahnawakero:non are beaded Kateri key chains, beaded Kateri pictures, and a limited array of traditional beadwork.
The Gift Shop also promotes a line of products made by Kahnawakero:non such as CD’s, books about Kahnawake and our traditional culture. Debit (Interac) and most major credit cards are accepted. We do not offer shipment.